Tuesday, 30 March 2010



Come along to Particle Fiction and read the first issue of a new ongoing monthly comic book series from Orang Utan Comics with a twist or three.

Particle Fiction is a monthly, 16 page, black and white webcomic - if that seems like an odd concept, just think of it as an indy comic book that just happens to be distributed primarily online rather than on paper (although I will also be selling paper versions at cons, and in my online shop). Each issue will be available to read online or download as a pdf on the first of the month. There are also plans to publish an annual collection, though that's a long way off at the moment.

Rather than being one single, ongoing storyline, Particle Fiction will be a rotating feature; one month may be a gritty crime story in a modern realistic setting, while the next might be a science fiction story set in the far reaches of space, the one after that a whimsical all-ages fantasy. There will be recurring features, with larger storylines spread out over multiple chapters, but my intention is for each month to work as a self-contained piece in it's own right.

If you've enjoyed my comics in the past, then you should definitely check out Particle Fiction- both MINDHACK and IDEASMAN will be recurring features in the comic, and the final four chapters of the current MINDHACK story will be individual issues of Particle Fiction.

In order to celebrate the launch I'm doing a special offer: if you order a copy of particle Fiction from my shop before the 4th of April, not only will I sign it for you, I'll also do a you a sketch and send that to you along with the comic.

If you order Damnation, I'll go one better- I'll do you a sketch AND throw the other two comics in for free as well!

I think you'll agree, that's a pretty good deal!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Orang Utan Comics Release Alpha Gods: Betrayal #1!

UK indie publisher announces new releases in the run up to the 2010 convention season!

“Ian Sharman has created a refreshingly original take on the superhero team book in Alpha Gods.” – Edward Kaye, Hypergeek.

Orang Utan Comics is pleased to announce the latest release in superhero/sci-fi series Alpha Gods – Alpha Gods: Betrayal #2! The new issue is now available to order via IndyPlanet’s print on demand service and as a digital download from DriveThru Comics. Comic book stores can also get in on the action by ordering Alpha Gods: Betrayal #2, and all of Orang Utan Comics other titles, from online distributor Comics Monkey.

“Alpha Gods continues to build a loyal fan following,” said Orang Utan Comics’ Managing Editor and Alpha Gods creator, Ian Sharman, “and we feel overwhelmed that our fans have rewarded us with a nomination for Best Comic Not Distributed By Diamond in the upcoming Comicpalooza Fandom Awards!” Indeed, Orang Utan Comics have also recently announced that they will be guesting at the Comicpalooza event in Houston, Texas, on 26th-28th March. The last weekend in March promises to be a busy one for Orang Utan Comics as they will also be attending the Hi-Ex show in Inverness, so whether you’re in sunny Texas, or not-so-sunny Inverness, be sure to stop by and say “Hi.”

Orang Utan Comics are also pleased to announce that they’ve just gone to press on their first trade paperback collection, FTL: Year One. This will collect the first four issues of their hit anthology series, FTL, into a single volume. The trade will be available online through IndyPlanet, and retailers will be able to order through ComicsMonkey. Convention goers in the US will be able to pick up a copy at C2E2 in April, while UK fans will get their first look at the Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo in May.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More News From Across the Pond

Orang Utan Comics will guest at Houston’s 3rd annual Comicpalooza the largest sci-fi/comic convention in Houston. This years convention is at the George R Brown Convention Center on March 26-28, 2010. Joining Orang Utan Comics as guests will be Bruce Campbell, Bernie Wrightson, Dichen Lachman, Humberto Ramos, Gene Wolfe, Peter Mayhew, Ethan Van Sciver and many, many more. Just check out their website for a complete guest list but check often as they just keep adding more and more names.

In addition, Alpha Gods has been nominated for Best Comic Book Not Being Distributed Through Diamond Comics so be sure to cast your vote while visiting the website. To vote, go to the Fandom Awards notice at the bottom of the Comicpalooza home page.

So if you can make it out to Houston the last weekend in March be sure to check out what is destined to become the best organized convention in the South, and while your there, come see me at the Orang Utan Comics table.

Trey Wickwire
OUC North American Rep

Saturday, 16 January 2010


UK indie publisher announces big plans for the year ahead!

Orang Utan Comics really stand out from the competition in the small press comics scene.” – Edward Kaye, Hypergeek.

Orang Utan Comics is kicking off the new decade with two exciting new releases and has some huge plans for the year to come. The first of these new releases is the action packed Alpha Gods: Betrayal #1, which picks up where last year’s popular Alpha Gods graphic novel left off. Alpha Gods: Betrayal #1 is full colour and is available via print on demand from IndyPlanet and as a digital download from DriveThru Comics.

The second of their new releases is FTL #4, the latest release in their critically acclaimed anthology series. Building on the tradition of OUC’s Eagle Award nominated anthology, Eleventh Hour, FTL seeks to showcase some of the best new writers and artists currently working in comics. Inside the pages of FTL #4 Josh Wagner and Steve Saunders engage us in an intriguing discussion involving death and art in Salvus; Melissa Hudson takes us back in time as we join Boadicca's rebellion against the Roman Empire; Peter Rogers introduces us to the world of the Fifth Outlaw; and Michael Sacal and Greg Novak round out the issue with their spooky ghost story Witchfinder: Curse of the Poppet. FTL #4 is available via print on demand from IndyPlanet and as a digital download from DriveThru Comics.

Orang Utan Comics are also pleased to announce that both Alpha Gods: Betrayal #1 and FTL #4, along with their complete back catalogue, are now available to order from your local comic shop, through new online distributor ComicsMonkey.

The exciting new developments at Orang Utan Comics don’t stop there. OUC are embracing the digital age of comics by working closely with Robot Comics to bring you Alpha Gods for mobile devices. Following the initial release for Android based mobile phones; Orang Utan Comics are very pleased to announce that the Alpha Gods graphic novel is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch in Apple’s App Store. “We’re really excited about the potential of mobile comics,” said Orang Utan Comics’ Managing Editor, and Alpha Gods creator, Ian Sharman, “we’re hoping it will introduce a whole new audience to what we’re doing, people who wouldn’t normally pick up a print comic and read it.” Robot Comics are working now to adapt Alpha Gods: Betrayal #1 for both Android based devices and the iPhone.

These new releases are just the start of Orang Utan Comics’ big plans for 2010. They also intend to release at least two trade paperbacks this year, the first of which, FTL: Year One, will collect the first year of stories from their anthology series into a single volume. Featuring stories by Dwight L. MacPherson, Ian Sharman, Peter Rogers, Steve Saunders, Melissa Hudson and more, FTL: Year One will be the perfect way for those who’ve yet to sample Orang Utan Comics’ ground breaking anthology to find out what they’ve been missing! Orang Utan Comics hope to follow this up later in the year with the Alpha Gods trade paperback, which will collect the graphic novel and all six issues of Alpha Gods: Betrayal into a single, full colour, 180 page volume.

Finally, Orang Utan Comics are pleased to announce that you will be able to find them at conventions across the UK this year, beginning with the Hi-Ex show in Inverness in March. You’ll also be able to find them at the Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo, the London MCM Expo, and many other shows throughout the year. However, Orang Utan Comics’ plans for 2010 are not limited to their home shores, as they will be taking the big step across the Atlantic Ocean this year and will be attending their first US convention in April. OUC are delighted to announce that they will be attending C2E2 in Chicago from April 16-18 at McCormick Place, Chicago. “We’re thrilled to be a part of this exciting new event,” commented OUC Managing Editor, Ian Sharman, “and I’m really looking forward to finally meeting some of our many US fans.”