Monday, 12 October 2009

Alpha Gods & BWS - A Public Statement

As some of you may be aware, my comic book, Alpha Gods, was originally entitled Young Gods. The title was inspired by the 1991 album of the same name by British hard rock band the Little Angels. You may also be aware that not long before we went to print with the Alpha Gods graphic novel I received an email from one Alex Bialy, apparently "Windsor-Smith Studio Manager", informing me that Barry Windsor-Smith holds the trademark on the name "Young Gods" and asking me to cease using it.
Now, at the time I was a little surprised. I was aware that both Marvel and DC have for many years had groups called the Young Gods, although they've not appeared very often. Despite being a fan of Mr Smith's work on both Iron Man and Machine Man for Marvel Comics, I was not aware of his own comic of the same name. However, out of respect for Mr Smith and his claim of ownership of the name I was quite content to change the title of my comic. To be honest, I'm far happier with the name "Alpha Gods" makes more sense from an in story point of view...and my only disappointment is that it no longer serves quite so well as a tribute to what I firmly believe to be one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time.
So, that, I believed, was that...
...until someone directed me to the latest issue of RPG Review.
It would seem that one of RPG Review's writers had the audacity to use the term "Young Gods" in the title of one of their articles, and so drew the attention of Alex Bialy. RPG Review chose to point out that there was no possible case for trademark infringement here...which was when Mr Bialy, apparently, felt the need to bring my name, and the name of Orang Utan Comics into things...implying that my ideas are unoriginal and implying that, essentially, I had taken the title of my comic from that of Mr Smith's.
This is untrue. I want to make that abundantly clear, and the fact that Mr Bialy feels it necessary to imply such unsubstantiated accusations to an unrelated third party quite simply shocks me.
The actions of Mr Bialy here are deeply unprofessional, and I would hope that Mr Smith would consider disassociating himself from them. They show a deep and fundamental lack of respect for others in what is a very, very small industry. We're all in this together, we all love comics, and should be working together to build a better comics industry.

That said, now I have your attention, I'd like to point out that the first issue of the new Alpha Gods series, Alpha Gods: Betrayal #1 is now available to order from IndyPlanet and as a digital download on DriveThru Comics. Please check it out!

Ian Sharman
Managing Editor
Orang Utan Comics

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


FTL #2 out now in print and digital formats!

“FTL#2 is a wonderful anthology comic that showcases some of the hottest new writers and artists in the industry. Ian Sharman and Orang Utan Comics have put a lot of heart and soul into this project, and it all pays of in the form of this great collection of stories. The comic industry is sadly lacking in anthology titles these days. Some companies have tried their hand at it recently, but all have ultimately failed, because none of them have put the same amount of care and attention in to their anthologies as Orang Utan has.” - Edward Kaye, Hypergeek.

Orang Utan Comics are pleased to announce the release of the second issue of their critically acclaimed anthology, FTL!

FTL is Orang Utan Comics’ flagship anthology series! You can expect the very best quick fire stories in these pages, from some of the most exciting creators working in comics today. This is the comics anthology where anything goes! Vampires! Dragons! Robots! Ninjas! Knights! Vikings! Cheerleaders! You name it, you’ll find it in the pages of FTL!

The second stunning installment of FTL brings you a heady mix of post-apocalyptic visions, super heroics, werewolves and creepy ancient myths as Orang Utan Comics continue in their quest to bring you the best mix of comic book short story goodness available. Hmmm…or should that be “badness”? Anyway, this issue they’ve also teamed up with the fine people at Nightmaera to bring you the first part of their period horror tale, Secret Cross!

Orang Utan Comics have simultaneously released FTL #2 in both print and digital formats. As with all of their titles, you can order the print version on demand from IndyPlanet - They are also continuing to explore the digital comics revolution by teaming up with DriveThru Comics to offer all of their new titles in a digital format. Both FTL #1 and the Alpha Gods OGN are already both available to download in PDF format from the popular digital comics site. FTL #2 immediately shot to the number two spot on DriveThru’s top 100 comics when it was released earlier this week. You can find all of Orang Utan Comics titles on DriveThru Comics here -

Orang Utan Comics’ Managing Editor, Ian Sharman, added, “This is a really exciting time for comic books and we intend to continue to explore new ways of delivering our comics to readers. We will have many exciting announcements about new digital comics projects in the near future, including our first big step into the world of comics for mobile devices.”

FTL #2 will be receiving its official offline launch at next month’s Wales Comic Con on Sunday 27th September at Glyndwr University, Wrexham, where it will be available with an exclusive signed and numbered art card illustrated by Eagle Award nominated painter, Azim Akberali. You can find out more about Wales Comic Con at

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Orang Utan Comics teams up with DriveThru Comics!

Orang Utan Comics are continuing to explore the digital comics revolution by teaming up with DriveThru Comics to offer all of our new titles in a digital format. Our new anthology, FTL #1 and the Alpha Gods OGN are now both available to download in PDF format from the popular digital comics site.
Our next release on DriveThru will be FTL #2 which will be simultaneously available in print format via IndyPlanet and in digital format via DriveThru.
This is a really exciting time for comic books and we intend to continue to explore new ways of delivering our comics to readers. We will have many exciting announcements about new digital comics projects in the near future, including our first big step into the world of comics for mobile devices.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Orang Utan Comics at LFCC!

Orang Utan Comics are pleased to announce that we will be attending LFCC on 18th and 19th of July at Earls Court in London.
We'll have copies of Alpha Gods and FTL #1 for sale, as well as older titles such as the Eleventh Hour Collector's Edition and Eleventh Hour Vol 1. Managing Editor and Alpha Gods writer/creator, Ian Sharman, will be on hand to sign all your comics and FTL cover artist John Charles will also be at the event, offering sketches and signing comics.
LFCC boasts a huge array of special guests from the worlds of comic books and sci-fi TV and film, including Scott Bakula, Jake Lloyd, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Jewel Staite, Michael Shanks, Bruce Boxleitner, Michael Ironside, Tom Baker, Paul McGann, Peter Mayhew, Dave Prowse, Hugh Quarshie, Kenny Baker, Danny John-Jules and many, many more.
You can find out more about LFCC bu visiting their website here.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Orang Utan Comics Founder interviewd on BCfm!

While in Bristol for the Bristol International Comic Expo, Orang Utan Comics managing editor, Ian Sharman, had the pleasure of being invited into the BCfm studio to be interviewed by Mark Le-Leivre for his Movies and Music Programme.

In case you missed the show, broadcast live on 9th May, we've got the interview with Ian right here to download for your listening pleasure.

Saturday, 25 April 2009


British indie publisher releases two new titles!

Orang Utan Comics are pleased to announce the release of two new comics which are available to order online right now.

FTL#1 is the first issue of their brand new black and white anthology. Featuring thirty-two pages of beautifully greyscaled art, and new stories by Orang Utan Comics veterans Ian Sharman, Peter Rogers and Trey Wickwire, along with a brand new story from the exceptionally talented Dwight L. MacPherson (The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo), FTL is sure to be a hit with comic fans everywhere.

Click here to order FTL #1.

Also released today is the Alpha Gods graphic novel. Previously available to read online in ebook form, in excess of 8,000 views in the three months since its release have persuaded Orang Utan Comics to release the entire 48 page, full colour graphic novel in print.

Click here to order Alpha Gods.

Both titles will be available at the Orang Utan Comics stand at next month’s Bristol International Comic Expo, and also at the London MCM Expo later in the month. You can also order both titles online via the print on demand service, IndyPlanet.

Orang Utan Comics Managing Editor, Ian Sharman, added, “May is going to be a big month for Orang Utan Comics, not only do we have two great new titles to promote, but we’re also looking forward to getting out and meeting our fans.” Indeed, fans will get a chance to put their questions to the Orang Utan Comics crew during their panel at the Bristol International Comic Expo next month. The panel will be held at 4pm in the Park Suite at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Bristol and the OUC team will be celebrating their second anniversary of creating “comics for a strange new world.”

To find out more about Alpha Gods, read character bios and creator profiles, please visit

For more information on Orang Utan Comics visit them online at

Monday, 2 March 2009


"The team has a chemistry that reminds you of the classic Wolfman TEEN TITANS." – Project Fanboy

Orang Utan Comics are pleased to announce the release of Part Two of the Young Gods OGN! Just like Part One, this latest installment of the action/adventure super-hero comic is available to read completely free online via the digital publishing site

Myebook - Young Gods: Part Two - click here to open my ebook
“We’ve had a great response to the release of Part One and interest in the book is continuing to grow every day,” said Young Gods creator, Ian Sharman. “Hopefully with the release of Part Two people will see that we’re making an ongoing commitment to keep this series going.”

Indeed, Orang Utan Comics have plans to continue Young Gods on beyond this initial release, with a six part follow up, entitled Young Gods: Betrayal already in the works. “The whole series is fully plotted out and the art team are hard at work on the first issue at the moment, and I’ll be handing them the script for the second issue any day now,” Sharman added. “We’re hoping to maintain a bi-monthly schedule with the book as we don’t want to keep people waiting too long between issues.”

Orang Utan Comics have also announced plans to produce a print version of the as yet digital only Young Gods. A 48 page graphic novel collecting parts One and Two in one volume will be available soon through Indy Planet and they’re also hoping to offer the book through comic stores via Ka-Blam’s new ComicsMonkey initiative. “These are turbulent times for the comic industry,” Sharman, who also functions as Orang Utan Comics’ managing editor commented, “but they’re also throwing up some exciting new opportunities for smaller independent publishers such as ourselves. We’d love to see the full six issue series of Young Gods: Betrayal in print through 2009 and hope to have a trade-paperback collection available in time for Christmas.”

The first part of the Young Gods OGN is also still available to read online for free, so if you’ve missed it, be sure to catch up before checking out Part Two!

To find out more about Young Gods, read character bios and creator profiles, please visit

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


New sci-fi action/adventure comic now available FREE online!

"The YOUNG GODS creative team is a creative team that is well worth watching. We will see where they are going, with the story, with the characters. You want to interest the reader to follow the series, and this creative team has done that." – Paty Cockrum

Orang Utan Comics Studio today released the first part of their Young Gods OGN onto an unsuspecting world. An action packed adventure tale, Young Gods is certain to appeal to a wide range of comic book fans. The series sees OUCS make the bold leap from the printed page into digital media, with Young Gods being available to read completely FREE online, via the digital publishing site Orang Utan Comics Studio were the first organisaton to sign up to myebook’s publishing partnership plan when it went live last year.

“I think we recognized the huge potential of myebook about thirty seconds after first being shown it,” said Orang Utan Comics Studio’s Managing Editor and Young Gods’ creator, Ian Sharman. “It’s an ideal solution for small studios like ourselves who want to get our work in front of as many people as possible but don’t have the capital to finance large print runs.”

With the recent policy changes at Diamond reducing the opportunities for small press and independent publishers to reach a wide audience through traditional print publications, Orang Utan Comics Studio see online digital publishing as an essential tool for distributing their comics to a wider market.

Ian Sharman has been working on Young Gods since he was a teenager, gaining the initial inspiration while listening to the Little Angels album of the same name. However, the road from original idea to the comic book page has been a long one, and finding the right creative team to bring his ideas to life proved very challenging. “I think we went through seven artists, including at one point myself, before we found Ezequiel Pineda. His unique style was exactly what I was looking for, allowing the focus to shift from the overblown superheroics to the diverse characters that make up the team,” added series writer, Ian Sharman. The addition of Mauro Barbosa on colours proved that lightening can strike twice, as his dynamic colours proved to be the perfect complement to Ezequiel’s art. “I’ve been incredibly fortunate,” Ian continued, “finding not only one, but two extremely talented artists with the same passion for this comic that I have.”

The first part of the Young Gods OGN, which introduces the team and sets up plot points that will be continued in a six issue series that the Young Gods team are currently hard at work on is available to read FREE online right now, and the second part will be released on Feb 28th. Be one of the first to read this exciting new comic, and share it with your friends online, just as you would a YouTube video:

Myebook - Young Gods: Part One - click here to open my ebook

Friday, 9 January 2009

CBG Fan Awards Nominations's so long since Eleventh Hour Vol 1 came out...sometimes I forget that it came out on 2008...

Hmmm...wha? Oh, yes...the CBG Fan Awards are asking for nominations... This from their site....

"Between now and February 28, 2009, you, the fans, have the chance to nominate your favorites of the past year for the Comics Buyer's Guide's annual Fan Awards. Any comics material with a 2008 cover date or copyright is eligible for consideration. Creators are eligible only if they had work published with a 2009 cover date or copyright.

Again this year, we're offering a nominating round with the survey below.

The final ballot with the top nominees from each category will be available online in mid-March

Only vote in the categories you want, leaving blank the ones you don't. Please, only one nominee per category.

Feel free to mention this nominating ballot on other websites, but we ask those websites or posters to not give potential voters a list of what creators and projects they should vote for and which they should avoid. Such detailed listings amount to a request for ballot box stuffing. As ever, ballot box stuffing will result in discarding the ballots in question. This is a democratic process with everyone free to pick their favorites, not ones that they're told to vote for. Soliciting votes is allowed, but filling in the blanks for potential voters is not."

So, obviously, I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, but do go here and vote.


Friday, 2 January 2009

JC's Johnny Monster

Our very own JC Grande (5th Outlaw) has a new series starting in February from Shadowline/Image. Find out more here.

I should have posted this back in November, but hey the book's out next month so go buy it - ok!