Sunday, 28 September 2008

WIP (Wyatt In Progress) `Danick & Arween'

Its been suggested that I use these posts to share some artistic 'Works in Progress' with you and maybe somewhere along the lines, share the process from roughs to final image.

Here's the first of many, I hope, a possible cover image of Danick Drakesbane & Arween the Warrior Elf, two characters from the slimy, slurping sequel to Danick and the Dragon - Danick And The Gelatinous Cube (Eleventh Hour Volume 2).

The image was drawn using H, HB pencil and took around 3/4 hours to complete pencils. The original is on 250gsm A3 Canson Illustration Board, an excellent quality board that's not only great for pencils, but is extra white and takes most inks, watercolours, guache and acrylics.

The style is a departure from the usual cartoony style for the story as I wanted to experiment with a classical, fantasy style reminiscent of P. Craig Russell and Garth Jones, though I doubt I'll ever be in their league. Lol.

I hope you enjoy viewing 'stage 1' of this image and I'll post the inks soon. Until then, please offer any feedback (all welcome) and let me know if you'd like to see more!



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