Friday, 3 October 2008

And in the wonderful land of non-Birmingham...

Hi, everyone,

I am guessing that a lot of you from the UK are in Birmingham right now, getting ready for a weekend at the
 convention that we comic-book-people fondly call BICS - aka the Birmingham International Comics Show. Me, on the other hand? I stayed home.
I have not been feeling too well lately, so I had to give this one a miss, but I believe that the rest of the British OUC-types are present, so if you are at the show this weekend, or strolling through Birmingham, do pop by the stand and yell "
hey" at them for me (feel free to buy a comic or two while you are there :-p), wont you?

Anyway, what am I doing that merits a Post? I decided to take advantage of my quiet Ian Sharman-free house and write until my heart's content... (Which is great, since my heart is never content, so bring on the eternal writing spree!)

Now I know that you may have heard of Project Raven, as there is a whole page dedicated to it on our wonderful website which you are now viewing, so I thought that I would pay special attention to that project (no pun intended) this weekend and actually get the first issue drafted (I redesigned the entire plot, so it needs rewriting), along with a prequel story entitled 'Zombie Nation' which pitches Raven against an army of zombies* (cool, huh?). To your right** is a special sneak-peak at Raven's darker side, which you will be seeing more (or possibly even less! ;-p) of soon enough...
But what you haven't heard of are my new projects...

The Virgin is a one-shot comic which mixes elements of The Omen with Groundhog Day to make a creepy anti-Christ thriller, and The Reaping is a butt-kicking mini-series in the style of such television series as Ghost Whisperer or Medium but with a hotter lead, a grittier, darker plot, and, um... it's written by me.

The Virgin is halfway to completion of its first draft, and The Reaping #1 is in its first redraft, and Project Raven: Zombie Nation is just about done and dusted so I can start fishing around for an artist for all of those soon enough...

I may not be as active as active as other Studio members, but it doesn't mean I don't work ;-)

* Special thanks go to my good friend and colleague John Charles for the inspiration behind that story, and indeed the title. I do hope he will pencil it, too!
** The pencils were commissioned from Rantz. Who is awesome by the way.

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