Monday, 24 November 2008

WIP (Wyatt In Progress) 2 - Gorstagg Lives!

Here's a cover in progress for Bearded Skull Comics' Dexter's Half Dozen, featuring an undead warrior named Gorstagg (maybe the owner of titular 'bearded skull' himself!)

The comic's creators hail from Wales, David Clifford & Jamie Lambert and is well worth checking out.

Here's what it's about...North Africa 1941, Sir Dexter Kilby; Churchill’s occult adviser, puts together a team to fight the growing supernatural threat of the Nazis.Sergeant Freeman of the newly formed S.A.S is drafted in to lead the rag tag group of criminals and misfits of the British army.The team’s mission is to rescue one of Britain’s top spies from the Nazis occult stronghold at Wewelsburg castle. An impenetrable mountain top fortress deep in the heart of Germany. Little do they know that the Nazis are in league with an ancient vampire of unimaginable power.

Find out more here:

I'm close to finishing the full colour, inked version and will post when complete.

Till then,


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Bluemeanie said...

Nice one mate, I didnt know they'd nabbed you to do them a cover

Looking forward to seeing the fully finished art, and also to getting issue 3 of the comic